Port Playford will offer a strategically located, low capital and near-term export facility for South Australia. Port Playford will also offer storage, port and transhipment services for iron ore, connected to existing ore deposits by road and rail.

Port Playford is:

  • Commercially viable – export contracts already negotiated with iron ore producers and developers
  • Strategically located – proximity to key mineral provinces, mining projects and critical infrastructure
  • Low risk – large brownfield development site with Industrial zoning and EPA licence and established transhipment operations and points in Spencer Gulf
  • Low capital – simple yet efficient material handling design, utilising existing infrastructure, including rail loop, train loadout, conveyor system and wharf.
  • Effective and efficient – our proposed facility offers efficient port infrastructure with a lower build cost and smaller environmental footprint than a traditional deep-water port facility.
How the port works
  • The iron ore will be transported to the port using the existing rail line.
  • The ore will be unloaded at the existing rail load out facility and transported via enclosed conveyors to the primary ore stockpile shed and subsequently to short-term loading stockpiles at the wharf.
  • From here, the ore will be loaded onto a self-propelled transhipment barge at the new wharf.
  • The barge will travel to a transhipment area in the Gulf, where the ore will be moved onto larger cargo ships.
  • To effectively manage dust on the site, the train load out facility, transfer conveyors, stockpile sheds and transhipment barge will all be fully enclosed.

By offering an export port facility closer to the product – in this case iron ore – producers and developers benefit from a reduction in domestic haulage distances, freight cost and carbon dioxide emissions.