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We recognise the environmental, social and economic importance of delivering our projects in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner.

We are focused on meeting and effectively managing potential environmental risks and minimising the impact of our port construction and operation. Port Augusta Operations has engaged a broad range of specialists to assess and understand if there are likely to be potential environmental impacts from the proposed port development and has identified comprehensive management and mitigation measures.

Following the processing of our Development Application, we will require a range of secondary licences before we can commence some construction works and port operations. We are committed to meeting all our environmental obligations and implementing an integrated, consistent approach to safety and environmental management.

As a business that is investing heavily in the Port Augusta region, we want to ensure we support local business. We will look to create opportunities for local contractors and suppliers during both the construction and operational phases for Port Playford.

Community Engagement

In 2017, a Community Reference Group was created to establish a conduit between community leaders and the site owners.

Independently facilitated, this group has met regularly to guide and shape community engagement and communications activities.

Port Augusta Operations has maintained this successful arrangement and continues to meet with the group on a regular basis.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact our local Community Liaison Officer Monique Smith on 0467 249 841.

As well as project information being made available through this website, anĀ information brochure will also be distributed to all Port Augusta residents to share information about the project and invite feedback and comment.

We also welcome direct general feedback on the Development Application, proposed construction activities and environment management of the site and encourage you to Contact us.